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    Invata medicina si tehnica dentara de la cei mai buni
Gianfranco Politano

Gianfranco Politano was born in Crotone, Italy in 1971. He obtained his degree in dentistry from the University of Modena, Italy. He is a founder member of the Bio-Emulation Group, together with Dr P. Bazos and Dr J. T. Guadix. Moreover, he is an active member of the Italian society of conservative dentistry (SIDOC) and of the “Warm gutta-percha club”. Various universities have invited him to speak about his special layering technique and his studies about the optical behaviour of natural dental tissues. In addition, he collaborates with several universities in the research on adhesive restorative techniques and the biomechanical behaviour of teeth.

Gianfranco Politano lives and works in Rome. His main fields of interest include adhesive restorative dentistry and endodontics. He has held lectures in various countries and published several articles about adhesively placed direct and indirect restorations.

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