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    Invata medicina si tehnica dentara de la cei mai buni
Donald Clem

Dr. Don Clem grew up in Chicago and relocated to Fullerton after completion of his specialty training.

He founded the practice, limited to periodontal medicine, oral plastic surgery (regeneration of lost bone and gum tissue), and dental implants in 1984. He has lectured on the topic of regenerative periodontics and dental implants both nationally and internationally. Dr. Clem currently sits on the editorial board of three scientific journals and conducts research in the field. He has taught in three institutions and continues to lecture to students throughout the United States.

Dr. Clem believes in a team approach to care, working with the restorative dentist, hygienist and physician to manage the patient’s needs with the best periodontics can offer and a commitment to the patient’s well-being.

“As specialists, the patient depends on us to restore their oral health, function and esthetics…their dignity”

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