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    Invata medicina si tehnica dentara de la cei mai buni
Alexandra Roman
Prof. Dr.

Current position: ●2015-present –PhD Coordinator, ●2010-present Coordinator of the Periodontology Residency Program in the university, ●2008-present Professor, Head of Periodontology Department, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca. ●Senior doctor, specialty: Periodontology.
Coordinator of many research projects: Partner team leader of 1 project ●Parteneriate Program: „ The role of cognitive behavioral therapy in the periodontal surgical treatment: a randomized clinical trial. PSIDENT, cod 42141/01.10.2008); Project coordinator of 3 projects ●PNII-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1474, The behavior of oral mesenchymal cells in relationship with a new resin composite material in modern regenerative periodontal therapy,STEMDENT, contract 127/2014; ●IDEI Program/Exploratory Research Projects, Interdisciplinary evaluation of the results of the treatment of marginal tissular recessions by means of gingival grafts”, cod 1341/2008; ●CNCSIS Project, Increasing the prognosis of posterior non-vital teeth by perfecting the quality of radicular fillings, cod 34 and 60, contract 6669/14/07.2000); Individual international research grants, funded by Wallonie Bruxells International, Liege, Belgium; Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Université de la Méditerranée Aix Marseille II, France; Collaborator in 1 FP7 Project.
Research interest and expertise: 1)Outcomes of muco-gingival surgical interventions for covering gingival recessions (clinical evaluations, patient-centered outcomes, cellular healing pattern), 2)Intrinsic regenerative potential of oral tissues (stem cell isolation from different oral tissues, characterization/comparisons), 3)Biosafety of dental materials (studies on the influence of restorative dental material/ biomaterials for guided tissue regeneration on oral stem cells), 4)Biomaterials for ridge preservation (histological and histomorphometrical studies on early/late healing of post-extraction sockets preserved with different biomaterials using a dog model). Expertise in oral stem cell biology, biosafety of dental materials, periodontal regeneration from clinical trials to cellular make up.

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