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    Invata medicina si tehnica dentara de la cei mai buni
Alaa Bani Hani

Alaa Bani Hani obtained the Bachelor Degree in Dental Surgery in 2006. Following that she worked as a General Dental Practitioner for three years before she obtained her clinical MSc in Paediatric Dentistry in 2010. Between 2009-2011, she worked as a peadiatric dentist in private practice.

She was rewarded the Diploma of the Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in 2010.

In 2012, she established Save the Children Society at University of Leeds while she was doing her PhD at the School of Dentistry.

In 2016, she was awarded PhD in Peadiatric Dentistry from School of Dentistry, University of Leeds. For her PhD project, she evaluated the outcome, cost-effectiveness and treatment acceptance of the conventional and biological approaches for the treatment of carious primary dentition. The project was carried out in collaboration with University of Sheffield.

After spending a year (2016-2017) working as a Research Fellow at School of Dentistry, University of Leeds, she was appointed as a Clinical Lecturer and Specialty Registrar in Paediatric Dentistry at Leeds Dental Institute in 2017.

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